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Make a Powerful Statement of Fashion and Faith with The Shema Jewelry Collection

The Shema, or Sh’ma captures the essence of Judaism, words from the Torah that echo in every morning and evening prayer reminding us all of our roots and the Ten Commandments. Hear O Israel, the Lord is our God, the Lord is One. This powerful declaration of faith is designed to be kept close to the heart with this perfect gold pendant in a fashion forward accent for any occasion.

Other important symbols of Judaism are available, such as the Star of David, commemorating the six pointed star the great warrior had emblazoned on his shield during his seventy years of battles that ended with his unification of Israel. Nothing is written as to why David put the dramatic hexagram on his shield – he did not have it when he

killed Goliath – but some scholars believe that the six points correspond to the items on a Sedar plate along with wisdom and insight. Here, the renown hexagram is offered in both white and yellow gold.

Of course there are the symbols of the Kabbalah, the foundation mystical interpretations of Jewish theology some of which date back more than three thousand years; also in gorgeous gold pendants.

And for luck and protection against evil, more mysticism in gold such as the open Hand of God, Khamsha, actually the open hand of Miriam, sister of Moses and Aaron.

It is fashionable jewelry of faith, jewelry that makes a powerful statement.